Database Setup for JetPhoto Server


How to initialize your JetPhoto Server database ?

JetPhoto Server need to save the necessary data in MySQL database server. So you should confirm MySQL has already been installed on your web server. You may need to contact your hosting service provider to get your MySQL database account.

Please open file /site/config/jpserver_config.php in JetPhoto Server home path with any text editor software. Set and save MySQL connection settings in this file:

$db_host   Your MySQL server address (IP or name, example: or localhost)
$db_user   User name to login your MySQL server
$db_pass   Password to login your MySQL server
$db_name   Database name to save tables of JetPhoto Server

And then, please click Initialize Database Now! button to automatically create all necessary database tables for JetPhoto Server. Or, you can find a sql script file in JetPhoto Server installation package to do the same thing manually.